Monday, December 12, 2005

Page eighty-something

Red Right Hand has thrown down the digital gauntlet, challenging other spec scribes to post one page of their work. Okay. Here's one from the space pirate script.

To set the scene, our heroes are aboard a stolen naval troop shuttle, a few million kilometers from the blue giant star Alcyone.
  • We need to find out where they're going and why!
  • ARIA
  • And that object might be able to tell us! At the very least we can maybe learn something about this whole secret project of theirs!
  • Well... yes!
  • A moment of tension. Frank spins on his heel and storms into the passenger bay.
  • CRASHING SOUNDS emanate from the bay, along with Frank's muffled curses.
  • A minute later, Frank returns, calm and collected.
  • Head for the object.
  • JOE
  • Aye aye, cap'n.
  • Frank stoically avoids looking at Aria. She stares at him for several seconds, but he doesn't even blink.
  • Finally Aria sweeps out of the cockpit, furious.
  • (to Bergen)
  • Is she always like that?
  • You mean right about everything? I'm afraid so.
  • JOE
  • Dad?
  • What?
  • JOE
  • Does this mean you and mom are getting a divorce?

I showed you mine. Show me yours!