Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My Name Is In The Motherf%*&!@$ Hollywood Reporter

Okay, so it's only the production listings, page 66 (of the weekly/international edition, anyway), the tiny gray box for "The Nutthouse" under independent productions, check out the screenwriter (Scr.). Yes, that's really me, and yes, I really wrote a feature screenplay for the tiny little "production" "company" that I "started" with my Cousin the Actor and his Actor Friends. I had more or less forgotten about it until I got a call last night from my cousin, telling me to get a copy of the Reporter.

Holy shit.

Oh, and, uh, sorry I haven't posted in a while... don't really have time at work any more, and things are busy at home, too. But hey, if this leads somewhere, hopefully I'll come back on a more regular basis. :)